Valentina Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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Guido Crepax
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This elegant and energetic deck features Valentina, Guido Crepax's famous book and comic strip character, journeying through the tarot cards. Featuring Crepax's sophisticated art and lively renditions of Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, Valentina Tarot invites you to join Valentina as she interacts with the major and minor arcana. These lovely illustrations portray dream-like storytelling and fascinating characters, all wrapped up in a deck that's as wise as it is entertaining.

The deck that contains all the seduction of Guido Crepax's art

Valentina and her friends - heroines of the sexual revolution of the seventies - challenge our prejudices and our schemes, creating an erotic - yet symbolically profound - Tarot of Love.

78 cards, 70x120 mm. with Instructions - in a hard case box

Multilingual edition. 

Published - May 2021