Wild Kuan Yin Oracle: The Velvet Goddess Edition

Blue Angel Publishing

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Alana Fairchild
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For Free Spirits, Passionate Hearts and Wild Dreamers

Within you beats a fiercely optimistic heart, powerful with courage, creativity and compassion. Your soul knows how to embrace the path of transformation with love, unafraid to be different and ready to take risks to manifest your soul’s calling and higher purpose. Conventionality cannot tame you, nor will fear hold you from confidently nurturing your spiritual path and welcoming the wondrous beauty that is possible for you to experience and share with the world.

Wild one, this deck is for you. When peace, love and comfort seem distant, Wild Kuan Yin Oracle, connects you to the Divine Mother. She comes to remind you of your beauty, passion and your brave, bold heart.  This beautiful special edition of a trusted favourite includes Alana's original full-length messages and healing processes to guide and strengthen you through even the darkest of trials.  Open your whole self to untold possibilites and live your highest destiny with fearlessness and joy.

Published - 2022

44 cards + 292-page guidebook.

Packaged in a deluxe hardcover box with magnetic close

Boxed set measures approximately - 22 x 15 x 6 cm