Women Of Science Tarot

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Massive Science
Illustrations by:
Matteo Farinella

A tarot deck that features inspiratational women of science on the minor arcana cards, plus a guidebook with scientist biographies and other information.

The Women of Science Tarot Deck is a card game that helps us tell stories about our future based on principles of science. Each major arcana card features a fundamental scientific concept like extinction, diversity, or gravity. The 56 minor arcana cards feature inspirational women who have changed the course of STEM.

The lively illustrations are by neuroscientist and comic artist Matteo Farinella; each deck includes a numbered and signed card.

78 card deck with 96 pge guidebook

Published - November, 2020

To check the deck out on the author's official webpage click this link - https://massivesci.com/tarot/