Ritual Diary

The Hippies in the City

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Rita Balshaw
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The Ritual Diary - this enchanting journal is an undated, weekly planner that allows for organisation & inspiration.
A beautiful journal that truly inspires whole-body wellness, and spiritual development.
A hardcover keepsake with gold foil detailing & unique hand drawn illustrations. A sacred diary to cherish forever.
Designed as a weekly planner, you can enjoy daily organisational tasks, holistic living tips, creative note-taking and moon phase scheduling. This unique organiser will guide you towards optimal health through self-care rituals, easy to make potions, and delicious health tonics.
The Ritual Diary includes informative pages that delve into the art of aromatherapy, astrology profiling, ritual spells, mindfulness tips, and aspirational quotes. Reaching your wellness goals has never been more enchanting!
Diary Features:
  • Undated Diary, you can start this dairy anytime of the year. You can date your ritual diary with cute numbered stickers, stamps or coloured pens.
  • Moon Cycle Concepts, learn all about the various moon phases, and how they may affect you.
  • Day-to-Day Planner, plan for the week ahead with a visual prediction of events and tasks.
  • Self–Care Notions, embrace easy self-care tips and practice self-love on a daily basis.
  • Aromatherapy Tips, discover the therapeutic uses of essential oils and how to blend oils, for the best aroma and benefit.
  • Ritual Practices, learn about the importance of sacred rituals and how to implement this notion into your life.
  • Shopping List Pages, enjoy organised space to record your needed supplies and weekly spending.
  • Creative Note Taking, inside is plenty of room for writing, journaling, and jotting down spontaneous ideas
A handbag sized treasure!
Ritual Diary A5 Size - Undated Hard Cover Diary

14.8 x 21 cm

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