The Fairytale Tarot Set

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Karen Mahony; Alex Ukolov
Irena Triskova
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In the land of fairytales, where animals talk, fools triumph and carpets fly, anything is possible. These tales not only amaze and amuse us, they can also teach a very special wisdom - and they are universal. The Fairytale Tarot includes a huge range of stories; The Snow Queen, Cinderella, The constant Tin Soldier, and Puss-in-Boots are all here, but they appear alongside characters that may not be so familiar.

Traditional tales of wonder around the world, both famed and less well known, have been carefully chosen and brought together to make a tarot deck that's rich, many-layered and like fairytales themselves, a delightful mix of light and dark. These are wonderful cards to use for story-telling, or simply to spark imagination, insight or a sense of magic.

  • A fully illustrated 78 card deck with one extra card.
  • The engaging companion book gives a summary of every tale and a discussion of how the stories can be used to explore and expand your tarot readings.
  • Traditional fairytale style images recall the Golden Age of fairy illustration.
  • Based on established (Rider Waite Smith) tarot meanings, but with many new perspectives
  • Designed particularly for story-telling, dream and imaging work.
  • Beautifully printed, high-quality cards with lavish colouring and special card stock to protect against bends or tears
  • By the makers of the critically-acclaimed "Tarot of Prague" and "Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot"
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  • Limited Edition