Health, and the Law of Attraction Cards

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Esther & Jerry Hicks
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Esther and Jerry Hicks present the teachings of Abraham to show how you can use the universe's Law of Attraction to achieve all that your heart desires. In this beautiful collection of cards, they provide affirmations, thoughts and meditations to help you connect with the health-giving potentials of the cosmos. Every part of your life is experienced through the perspective of your physical body and when you feel good, everything you see looks better. There are few things of greater value than the achievement of health and physical wellbeing.

"Not only does a good-feeling body promote positive thoughts, but, also, positive thoughts promote a good-feeling body. It is our expectation that as you ponder these cards, a new point of attraction will begin to be activated within you that eventually can lead to a wonderful mood or attitude, for if you are able to find feelings of relief even when your body is hurting or sick, you will find physical improvement, because your thoughts create your reality." - Esther & Jerry

Published - March 2010

60 card deck.

Boxed deck measures approximately - 12 x 10 x 3 cm