Developing Spiritual Intelligence: The Power of You

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Altazar Rossiter
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Considers not just what spiritual intelligence is, but how to develop it. This book integrates the spiritual dimension into our complex mental world. Demystifying spirituality, it explains the role of the soul in our everyday world.

The founding principle of the book is that there is an organic wisdom that we all carry, one that’s constantly trying to inform us and support us. It is accessed very simply through intent, commitment and the spoken word.

Organic wisdom is the innate quality of knowing that resides beyond our intellect. This knowing appears at the strangest times, and sometimes runs counter to everything that makes sense, yet it is always appropriate. If acted upon this wisdom continues to arise from within, providing guidance in ways that are always better than could be imagined or worked out beforehand. This is what is regarded in this book as Spiritual Intelligence.

“Spiritual Intelligence is about learning to think with the heart, create harmony with the mind, balance with the body and make the  true music of the spheres.  Altazar Rossiter helps us develop new ways to bring a dynamic alignment to the spirit, no matter our religious beliefs or experiences.  He reminds us of the beauty of hope and faith  that is ever dancing within us.”~ Don Campbellauthor of The Harmony of Health, The Mozart Effect and Music, Physician for Times to Come

256 pp

Paperback book

Published 2006