Magick Stamp Kit

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Ann Kay

This is a Pre-Loved Set, the set is complete, all stamps accounted for, the inkpads will require re-inking.  Book in great condition.  Box Lid has a stamp on the inside and a bit of staining from use. 

With 20 magical symbol stamps and a 2-color inkpad, anyone can create personal stationery, send secret messages and make personal power symbols. The Magick Stamp Kit explores the fascinating work of magical symbols found in white magic, runes, tarot, and other ancient earth-based traditions. The symbols range from the Ankh, which is the Egyptian symbol for life and is linked to Atlantis and the Cauldron, used in Wiccan rituals as a female symbol of birth and renewal.

Inside you'll find:
- 18 symbol stamps
- A square and a circle stamp to create your own symbols
- A pocket-size book that reveals the power and meaning of each symbol

Fully-illustrated, this book reveals what each symbol meant in ancient times, how they are used in modern-day magic ritual, and how readers can combine symbols to create their own spells and secret messages.

Out of print.