Serenity Runes: Five Keys to Spiritual Recovery

Connections Book Publishing

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Ralph Blum, Susan Loughan & Bronwyn Jones
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These simple words form one of the most important and revered messages of our age. For so many people in desperate situations seeking wisdom, peace, and the strength to overcome overwhelming problems the prayer has offered a beacon of hope and helped them through their darkest hours. The prayer is attributed to American theologian, Pastor Reinhold Niebuhr and is thought to have been written during the 1940s.

Now, Ralph Blum has blessed the words with five beautifully crafted rune stones and enhanced their meaning with fresh runic commentaries to make the prayer even more powerful and accessible. So whatever your situation and however impossible the odds, you too can use the Serenity Prayer to help you face your challenges and to take the first step on your own road to recovery. In the accompanying book, Blum and co-authors, Susan Loughan and Bronwyn Jones, provide full instructions for using the runes with the prayer. They present the commentaries and the counsel of each rune stone and suggest meditations and other techniques to use.

The pack is completed by a cloth bag to keep the Serenity Runes safe and a portable, credit-card-sized card on which is printed the Serenity Prayer.

Included in this set - 5 Serenity Runes, Drawstring Bag, Serenity Prayer Card & Book of Interpretations.

Boxed set measures - 15.24 x 2.54 x 14.61 cm

A Connections Edition; Published 2005