Medicine Heart Journal

Blue Angel Publishing

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Alana Fairchild
Artwork by:
Sophie Wilkins
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Universal Threads for Weaving Your Creative Shamanic Spirituality

This deluxe journal beautifully encapsulates the essence of divine feminine shamanism as a sacred human birthright, offering profound enrichment for all people. Bless your path and align your process with regenerative energies to facilitate healing transformations. The teachings, inspirations, imagery, and practices within this journal are pathways for your personal experience of shamanic wisdom, as it relates and is revealed to you.

Ground, elevate and expand into your multidimensional self through a journaling practice that supports and strengthens your shamanic instincts. The combination of lined and unlined pages gifts you the freedom to explore your soul journey with courage, creativity, and confidence. Source power and patience for your personal healing and contribute towards collective cultural rebirthing as you liberate your innermost truths into inspired expression.

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1 x 220-page deluxe journal with Matte softcover with flaps. Lined and unlined journalling pages, healing processes and 44 full-colour artworks.

Journal measures approximately - 18 cm (w) x 23.5 cm (h)