Manifesting Your Greatness


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Amy E Chace
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This deck has an answer for you and will quickly become a close friendone who is open-minded, savvy, and ready to rock! Prepare to explore your heart with words and images that spark insight with 46 colorful and freshly stylized cards. Offering pearls of wisdom like "Explore Your Depths" or nuggets of truth like "It's Not Even about You," these exciting cards are just what you need to see you through your hectic, question-filled life.

Its no rules, no confusion, and no memorization approach makes it easy to get a message you can connect to right away. It reads effortlessly with prominent advice that is clear and concise.

The accompanying guidebook provides gentle advice to further interpret the cards' messages and then takes it to the next level by delivering helpful ideas for solving problems and exploring passions.

46 colorful and freshly stylized cards with accompanying guidebook 

Boxed set measures - 13.3 x 3.8 x 15.2 cm