Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards

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Steven D. Farmer
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A stunningly illustrated 44-card deck and guidebook, Animal spirit guides are perennially popular, providing a clear connection to the natural world

Tapping into ancient and indigenous beliefs in the protection and guidance of animal spirit guides Precise and thorough explanations, suitable for both beginners and those already experienced in interpreting oracle cards.

Animal spirit guides are a popular alternative to angels and fairies with a stronger appeal to a male audience. Spirit guides are spirit helpers in animal form, who can provide guidance for questions you have about any aspect of your life.

In this stunningly illustrated deck of 44 oracle cards, you will find clear and concise messages from each of the spirit animals represented that offer sensible advice on whatever question you pose.

Whether youre a beginner or an experienced reader, the accompanying easy-to-follow guidebook provides detailed instructions to help you give accurate readings for yourself and others, as well as elaborations on the initial message from each animal spirit guide. 

44-card deck and guidebook

Boxed set measures - 10.16 x 3.96 x 13.97 cm