Camelot & Its Power to the Present Day - 2 Tape Series

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Stuart Wilde
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Stored item - slight discolouring to box.

The Legend of Camelot and the Quest for the Holy Grail has fired the imagination of poets, artists and visionaries for generation upon generation.

The power of the quest is still alive for us today, because it places responsibility for our enlightenment and growth where it belongs - within ourselves.  It represents an unswerving intenetion to garner an inner energy, to maintain a dedication to purity and integrity, while engaging in a mission for perfection in the material world.

At periodic intervals in the destiny of humankind, energy influxes are brought forth from inner dimensions to assist us in our spiritual growth and evolution.  

This tape series talks about these mysterious energy influxes and shows you how to align to a power that is as old as time.  Used properly, the power of the quest brings your life and the light within you to its highest possible expansion.

Published - 1990

2 x Tape Boxed Set - stored in plastic pocket.