Feng Shui 2 - Mind Body Spirit Series

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Denise Linn
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For thousands of years people in the Far East have used Feng Shui to improve health, careers, relationships and prosperity.

This ancient art form is a system of arranging a home or environment so that it is harmonious and supportive to those living within it. Feng Shui ensures that buildings and home interiors are in balance with nature and the surrounding environment.

People in the West are now discovering that these age-old techniques, developed by oriental scholars for over 5,000 years, can be used to make a difference to their daily lives. Leading Feng Shui teacher Denise Linn and Midori have compiled notes and music for an album that is relaxing and ideal for creating positive Feng Shui.

1 x CD

- Includes a full colour guide to Feng Shui 

- English Version

Album running time:- 48:44