Dreaming Into Being

Sounds True

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Cutting-edge down-tempo musician Bluetech offers his latest compositions for exploring our most creative states of mind. Inspired in part by his recent work with lucid dreaming expert Dr. Stephen LaBerge, Bluetech invites us on a perception-expanding journey to “the worlds behind the world.”

Evocative, hypnotic soundscapes with embedded pulses and ambient drones make this a great choice for lucid dreaming practice, yoga, meditation, bodywork, or simply relaxed listening.

Tracks include:

Track 1 - Falling In 6:02

Track 2 - Boundless 7:35

Track 3 - Oxygen Raft 9:26

Track 4 - Lost & Found 9:41

Track 5 - Depth Charge 8:02

Track 6 - Slowly Rising 9:06

Track 7 - Dawn Like a Prism 11:35

1 x CD - Running time: 1 hour, 1 minute.