Ghost Whisperer Suzie: Heaven on Earth

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Suzie Price
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We are all connected. Yet we are individuals. There is still much we all can experience and grow from during our journeys in this life and the next. In Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Heaven on Earth, author Suzie Price narrates the story of her life journey-her experiences, her thoughts, her beliefs, and her understanding of spirituality.

Price, known as Ghost Whisperer Suzie, is one of Australia's top psychics and has been featured on television and radio and in magazines and newspapers. She provides a look at her varied life as well as gives insight into her experiences as a physic medium, including her near-death experience as a child. She shares the good and bad and the highs and lows she faced through depression, anxiety, and nervous breakdowns.

Through the stories included in Ghost Whisperer Suzie-Heaven on Earth, Price seeks to inspire others to reach for their dreams, become their best selves, and find success and happiness in life despite the obstacles.

About the Author - Suzie Price is one of Australia's top psychic mediums. Her near-death experience at the age of seven opened her abilities to connect with spirits. She has dedicated most of her life to helping others connect with their departed loved ones and teaching others how to open their own abilities.

Published - 2014

Paperback Book; 261 pp