Healing Music for the Soul

Blue Angel Publishing

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The extraordinary music of:
Robert J. Boyd
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From the exquisite solo and duet voices in The Vision through the deep rich harmonics of Sound the Tone and Bellissimo into the mysterious depths of Ocean, and finally to the light sparkle of Flowers in a garden full of life, this magical journey will take you through experiences of expanded awareness and deep healing.

Allow the music to take you in its flow like a leaf floating free on a flowing river. Where it will take you is up to you. The haunting music on this beautiful album is a direct result of the expanded spiritual awareness Robert experienced at the Oneness University on the island of Savu Savu, Fiji.

A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this CD will be donated to aid the Japan earth quake recovery.

Listen to a sample.

1 x CD

5 x tracks; 64 mins. running time.