Relaxation, Focus, and Memory Training

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Dr. Daniel G Amen
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Research at the Amen Clinics verifies that the brain can heal itself at any stage of life—and that we can amplify the process through simple measures.

With Relaxation, Focus, and Memory Training, Daniel Amen, MD, provides us with one of the most effective tools he uses with his own patients: a visualization and stress-reduction session presented by Dr. Amen himself.

Dr. Amen created this recording for use as a self-contained program as well as a support for the millions who have benefitted from the principles taught in his bestselling books and public television specials. Used for just 25 minutes a day, this guided relaxation and visualization tool has been shown to enhance blood flow throughout the brain—improving attention, memory, and emotional well-being in as little as one week.

1 CD - Running time: 28 mins