White Light Frequencies

Blue Angel Publishing

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Alana Fairchild
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White Light Frequencies is sacred music that resonates across multiple dimensions to facilitate healing and awakening. Your body knows these frequencies, your heart is yearning for them, and your spiritual intelligence knows how to process them. All you need to do is listen.

Each of the nine tracks on this unique album is tuned to a specific harmonic.

  • Feel the ancient wisdom of Lemuria 285 Hz and Atlantis 741 Hz.
  • Meditate in the vibration of Sirius 852 Hz and Pleiades 396 Hz.
  • Earth yourself with Gaia 174 Hz and become radiant with Solar 528Hz.
  • Rest in the passion of Magdalene 417Hz and the love of Goddess Isis 639 Hz.
  • Be in the peace and devotion of Bat Qol 963 Hz.
  • Attune yourself to the majesty and melody of the Universe.

Alana has incorporated binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, mantra and tonal expressions from different languages for a unifying sound experience that goes beyond conscious listening. This deep acoustic medicine can be imbued during meditation, healing sessions, yoga, and to promote relaxation and sleep. Each listening is a vibrant blessing for whole-being healing.

2 x CD's

9 tracks - 108 minute running time