Mystical Kipper

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Regula Elizabeth Fiechter
Painted by:
Urban Trösch
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The German system of fortune telling, which dates back over 100 years, has been given a vibrant new look with artwork by Urban Trösch, using an elaborate technique. Trösch painted the pictures on small wooden plates that were primed with chalk. This was followed by the multi-layered application of egg tempura colors.

The result is a work of art with great luminous power. What distinguishes the 36-card Kipper deck from Lenormand decks is the preponderance of cards depicting people. When the cards are laid out, we see many faces looking back at us, making this an ideal deck for questions concerning personal relationships.

Key words on the cards and an informative 52-page booklet make the Mystical Kipper method easy to learn.

36 cards with instruction booklet.

56 x 89 mm

card language: english
instruction booklet: english

(available in French upon request)