Divine Animals Oracle

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Created by:
Stacey Demarco
Artwork by:
Kinga Britschgi

The voices and energy of our animal kin have always been a part of our human experience, across most cultures and timeframes. The stories of their relationships with the goddesses and gods entwined the two energies into a divine form. Now it is time for us to again reconnect with this powerful partnership.

Deeply researched and richly written, in this oracle you will discover the mythos of the animals and the eternal deities whose energy is woven together in synergistic magic and learn how to use it to benefit your life. Double the power, double the wildness, double the wisdom!

Featuring animals and mythos from across the planet — from Africa to the Arctic — this unique oracle is not only truly beautiful but will deliver accurate and compassionate insight to the reader.

44 cards and guidebook

Boxed deck measures - 10.2 x 3.8 x 14 cm

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  • 5

    Posted by Vera Cruickshank on 18th Nov 2019

    Upon receiving this deck from Tarotopia with excellent service I can highly recommend it as a Divination oracle deck of the highest calibre and excellence in every respect. I rate it 5 stars and is here is why I gave it the 5 stars.
    1) the amazing holographic lettering on the box makes it stand out on my shelf and is truly spectacular. The box is a sturdy construction and is easy to remove the lid to gain access to the cards, the detail on the inside of the box is an added attention to detail that shows me creator took every detail into account in the presentation of this deck, an important factor to me personally.
    2) The card stock is excellent, the finish is perfect for the deck, has a wonderful image on the back of the cards that you can use as a meditation image to get into the deck if you use it that way which I have been doing with the images as well and it is very effective., The rounded corners make it easy to shuffle as I have small hands so that is always a plus for me personally as well, and the images pop as there are no borders around the main animal images.
    3) The images chosen are incredibly realistic of the animals but also have a beautiful blending of other symbols on the cards and each setting for each animal is perfect, evocative and allows for intuitive interpretation on many levels, which for an oracular deck is extremely important to me. The name of the animal is clear and easy to read, the keyword above is slightly lighter in text and if a second edition were to be run, a slight brighter and easier to read keyword without detracting from the main card title of the animal would be the only minor critique I would make, on a great artistic and perfectly executed deck.
    4) The guidebook is worthy of 5 stars on its own, it is full of great information, well researched and my absolute all-time winner is it has a colour image of each card, which makes it a Gold Star for that alone, as most guide books have black or white or some with no image at all. This is again showing full attention to detail in this deck in every respect.
    5) The detail in the guide book is worthy of a star, the depth of research on each animal, and all the accompanying information in other areas makes this guide book the best I have seen in an animal oracle deck, this attention to each section, and the details allow for a deep interpretation and still allow intuition to flow from the card and be woven into a narrative that will allow the reader to give a client or themselves an extraordinary reading. I could only give 5 Stars but if able to would give it 11 Stars a Master number of Stars for a deck that is full of Mastery, Mythos, Magic and More, and here is why.
    6) As a scientist with a degree in Zoology and Conservation Biology seeing the scientific nomenclature for the animals in this deck was a delight to see the animal species being fully recognised and respected for their place on Earth. A Gold Star
    7) The biography of each animal, how many species their are, with their environment and and behaviour is not only very well researched but written in an easy manner to understand and easily woven into the interpretation given in reading to understand the full ethos of the animal and its significance in this deck. A Gold Star
    8) The Mythos of each animal is an incredible addition and allows for such a wider scope of interpretation within a reading weaving even more into the oracular read than is normally given, the attention to this extra detail is the standard for this oraclular offering. A Gold Star
    9) The Magic section for each animal is the practical magic that is bought to this deck to give it not a wider applicaton but can give those who may never have thought to use the deck in this way an easy and open way to use the deck to ask for help, pure magic and again another attention to detail that is endless in this deck of wonders. A Gold Star.
    10) The Symbology of each animal card is given in clear concise language and allows those who use symbology in their interpretations to focus on the symbols that are important for each card, and some may be known already others may be new to the symbology and it again more attention to detail in a very detailed and still concise guidebook.
    11) Status, as a scientist and someone who has worked heir entire adult life to help endangered animals and sponsored a young male gorilla in Uganda who later became the silverback of the troop with the money being used to protect the animals from poachers. To see the Red Book status of all these animals for everyone to see and read and to understand how their lives are in the balance that we as individuals and groups can make a difference this is the greatest attention to detail I can bring that this deck is a deck to educate, give rise to action and process on how we can each make a difference. This heading alone for the awareness it brings to the those who buy this deck is worth every 11 Stars I would like to give it. 11 is the Master number and this deck is full of Mastery in every sense of the word.