Spirit Animal Wisdom

Aster Cards

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Katie-Jane Wright
Nikki Strange
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Call in the wisdom of your spirit animal guides with this beautiful deck of cards and guide to their messages.

We all have a host of guides in spirit, supporting, loving and holding our hand through this journey, whichever path we may choose. You can see and feel your animal guides in a host of ways. They may come to you in dreams when you are in your most open, receptive state. You might find you run into this animal all the time or out of the blue, in the physical world or seeing pictures of it in magazines and books. These are signs that they want attention.

This oracle deck is a tool to connect with your animal guides, to acknowledge them and listen to their messages. It's also a way to bring in new guides, to call their energy to you if you feel you need it.

50 card deck & guidebook

Boxed set measures - 10.29 x 3.68 x 14.1 cm