Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

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Rae Hepburn
Illustrated by:
Shawna Alexander
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Tea Leaf Fortune Cards set offers an innovative system for reading with 200 beautifully illustrated cards depicting the traditional tea leaf symbols. The 98-page guidebook explains how to divine fortunes using tea leaves or Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Follow a few simple guidelines, and you can immediately read your fortune. Set includes 200 round, symbol cards; drawstring pouch; and 98-page illustrated guidebook.

A Brief History of Tea and Tea Leaf Reading
The Development of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Traditional Tea Leaf Reading Methods
Divining Your Fortune Using Tea Leaf Fortune Card

  • The Coming Year Method
  • The Coming Week Method
  • The Astral House Pyramid Method
  • Tea Leaf Symbols and Their Meanings

About the Author and Artist Rae Hepburn, an accomplished tea leaf reader, teaches you to unlock the ancient secrets of reading tea leaves.

200 round cards (measuring approx. 8.25 cm in diameter): 182 Symbol cards, 12 Month Cards, 6 Astral House Cards.

Drawstring bag for mixing the cards & 98 page illustrated guidebook.

Boxed set measures - 13.34 x 5.08 x 19.05 cm