Transcendent Journeys Oracle

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Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Wisdom of Stars, Knowledge of Earth, Guidance from Source.

Cheryl Yambrach Rose begins her visionary portraits by painting the eyes of her subjects. From there, she works outward, to create intimate portrayals of divine and mythical beings through a vortex of color and energy.

Her images are described as direct portals to the profound and enlightening moments, mentors, messengers, and magic the world needs right now. Work with this deck to bridge worlds, deepen connections, and awaken your soul to a higher vibration.

This 45-card deck is lovingly attuned with the Pleiades, ancient teachings and present-day revelation to bring you clarity, direction, and inspiration for the good of all. The guidebook includes simple instructions on how to use this oracle with layouts and meanings to activate your intuitive processes.

45 cards & 64-page guidebook, packaged in a hardcover box.

Boxed set measures - 12.4 x 3.3 x 17 cm