Words for Humanity Affirmation Cards

Animal Dreaming Publishing

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Text by:
Dr Linet Amalie
Artwork by:
Bella Finch
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Tastefully designed and presented in a magnetised, pocket-sized keepsake box, the Words for Humanity Affirmation Cards offer 50 channeled positive affirmations to inspire and encourage you through the various stages of your life.

Dr Linet Amalie has worked in the health, healing and therapy industry for over 30 years. Using her experience and the connection to her guides, she now brings you these messages of channeled wisdom to support and guide you.

The cards can be used daily as a daily affirmation, or for any time when you simply need a helping hand. Dr. Linet delivers these messages to you with kindness, compassion and empathy.

Published - May 2020

50 channeled positive affirmation cards 

Boxed deck measures approximately - 12.1 x 2 x 6.6 cm