The Wheel of Fortune: How to Control Your Future

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David & Julia Line
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Great Condition; pages yellowed from age

Are you making the most of your life - or do opportunities pass you by?

Do you really understand what makes you tick?

Are you satisfied with your relationships with others?

Do you feel positive about your future - or are you unsure which direction to follow?

If you have ever longed for a simple guide to help you solve these dilemmas then look no further!

From the best-selling authors of 'Fortune Telling by Runes' and 'The Numerology Workbook' comes a unique new system that will bring you better control and understanding of your own personality, your relationships and your future.

Based on a potent fusion of astrology and numerology The Wheel Of Fortune shows how by following a series of easy self-select options you can build up a highly accurate picture of your individual personality and prospects.  As you quickly learn to interpret your influencing numbers and favourable numbers combinations the outline of your destined course through life will gradually be revealed.

Complete with a detachable astro-numerological calculator, The Wheel Of Fortune, is essential reading for anyone wanting to glimpse what the future holds in store. 

1989 edition

Paperback book; 298 pp