The Wizard and the Witch

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John C. Sulak
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An Oral History of Oberon Zell & Morning Glory

- Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism

This is the stranger-than-fiction story of two soul mates who rejected the status quo and embraced higher ideals...and had a whole lot of fun while they were at it. Reclaiming Pagan as a spiritual identity―and living in an open marriage for over four decades―Oberon and Morning Glory Zell truly embody the freedom to think, to love, and to live.

Telling the stories of their singular lives in this unique oral history, Oberon and Morning Glory―together with a colorful tribe of friends, lovers, musicians, homesteaders, researchers, and ritualists―reveal how they established the Church of All Worlds, revitalized Goddess worship, discovered the Gaea Thesis, raised real Unicorns, connected a worldwide community through Green Egg magazine, searched for mermaids in the South Pacific, and founded the influential Grey School of Wizardry.

Join Morning Glory and Oberon as they share the highs and lows of their extraordinary lives, and explore the role they played in shaping the community of Witches and Pagans that thrives in the world today.

Includes a 16-page color photo insert.

Published - February 2014

1 x Paperback book