Symbolon Deck

AGM Urania

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Artwork by:
Thea Weller
Text by:
Peter Orban & Ingrid Zinnel
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Introduction Symbolon cards - You might be wondering what Symbolon cards are, and what you can do with them. Are they Tarot cards? The following introduction will help you gain a better understanding of the world of Symbolon.

What is a Symbolon?A 'symbolon' is a word that describes a state and capacity at the same time. As a noun it refers to the information about the status of something that has fallen apart and of which the parts are located in different places of the world. In ancient times, for example, they would often take a ring or coin, break it into two parts and give it to two or more people who did not know each other. Each individual knew there was a missing part and each individual was driven to search for the other half. In that capacity, the cards shall be a catalyst to help you complete, through memories, that which you had forgotten or lost.

This 78 card deck uncovers the memories of the soul. Astrology, personal insights and symbolism in daily life are revealed through the cards. Constantly changing combinations of cards disclose the whole range of human experience.

From Symbolon's official website:

Complete with 78 cards in full colour by artist Thea Weller and booklet of instructions.

78 cards with instructions

Booklet is in English. 

Boxed deck measures - 13.00cm x 8.50cm x 4.50cm