Tarot at a Crossroads

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Kooch N Daniels MA & Victor Daniels PhD
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Journey through a unique Tarot resource that presents thought-provoking methods to help bridge the worlds between Tarot readers and psychology counselors, psychotherapists, personal coaches, and healers.

Convey depth and incisiveness to both tarot readings and therapeutic sessions by making them more engaging and useful. Find out how to give “representational readings” and learn to select cards that represent issues with others or within the reader.

Discover a technique of laying cards in “emotional stacks” that can be used in both readings and counseling sessions to view what lies beneath the surface of consciousness, and then gain knowledge of how to open realms of new possibilities. You will encounter blended traditional symbolic Tarot coupled with modern psychological practices that integrate the use of visual imagery via distinctive tools and approaches.

Develop a broader psychological background, new methods, and insights for your Tarot readings.

272 pp; 208 color images; HardCover Book

15.24 x 22.86 cm