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Jennifer Steidley
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Tarot Disassembled - The Sun Box - has a bright yellow background color -  is a full 78-card tarot deck that deconstructs and re-examines the traditional symbolism found in the classic Smith-Waite Tarot deck. Utilizing a bright color palette and simple, bold graphics, each card reveals a pattern created from a fresh arrangement of the traditional symbols.

One of the most unique tenants of this deck is the almost complete absence of human representation. This allows the user of the deck to connect with the symbols in a completely intuitive way free from any pictorial narrative around gender, skin color, age, size, ability or any other human constructs.

From the Author - Jennifer Steidley  - I have loved playing with various Tarot decks all of my adult life. But digging into the research for Tarot Disassembled has been like going on a walk in the forest and discovering that every tiny rock and leaf holds hidden treasure underneath. Simply put: I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. The reverence and fascination I have always had for Tarot has only been compounded by discovering the layers upon layers of meaning each individual symbol holds. My hope is that this deck will stir up some of that same excitement for you! 

 Jennifer believes this deck can be used and enjoyed by seasoned Tarot readers and complete novices alike. The simplicity of the visual symbols makes it a great first deck for a newbie, while the complexity of the visual information makes it a great deep dive deck for a pro.

• Standard Tarot size cards – 2.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches high (70mm x 120mm)
• Thick, high quality 350 GSM card stock
• Soft-matte lamination give the cards a lovely petal-soft feel
• Magnetic flap clamshell box finished with soft-matte lamination
• Matte red card edges

There are two different box colors available for this deck! The Sun Box has a bright yellow background color while the Moon Box has a dark charcoal black background. (The cards inside are the same in each box color.)

Tarot Disassembled Guidebook - This 151-page book includes a breakdown for every card in the deck that includes keywords, astrological associations, planetary associations and elemental associations. It also includes information on each separate symbol featured on that card as well as a "Quick Takes" section for quick interpretations of each card. Additionally, there is a separate section of the book that acts as a Glossary of Common Symbols found throughout the Tarot.

Guidebook's features include -
• 5.5" wide by 8.5" high
• Perfect bound book
• Full color cover, front and back finished with soft matte laminate
• Black and white interior pages

Imported directly from the creator, in the USA.

78 card deck (Sun) with Full Sized Guidebook