Tarot for the Green Witch


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Ann Moura
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First Edition; 2019 Publication - sixth printing -

Written by the popular author of the Green Witchcraft series, the techniques presented in this book offer a unique way of working with the Tarot that incorporates the tools and tenets of the Witch's Craft. Develop a personal method of reading the cards while learning to use any Tarot deck for divination, pathworking, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

This book helps the reader to:

  • Interpret card symbols, meanings and layouts in a way that honours earth-based spirituality
  • Learn elemental and numerological card associations that add depth and accuracy to yoru readings
  • Use your cards for daily advice readings and meditations

Calculate your life path an dannual path cards to reveal your main strengths and lessons in life

This is a 296 page softcover book, illustrated in black and white with cards from the following decks:

  • Sacred circle tarot
  • The Buckland Romani tarot
  • The Robin Wood Tarot
  • The Nigel Jackson Tarot
  • The Witches Tarot (Llewellyn)

Paperback; 15.24 x 1.68 x 22.86 cm