Tarot of the Golden Wheel

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Mila Losenka
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Inspired by the magic and wisdom of Russian fairy tales, Tarot of the Golden Wheel interprets traditional tarot through the prism of colorful Slavic folk culture. In this radiant deck the Golden Wheel, a sacred symbol of karma, the sun, and the infinite cycles of life conveys the Fool on his journey through the Major and Minor Arcana.

About the Author: Mila Losenko lives in Altai Territory of Russia. She studied at the Biysk Pedagogical College with a degree in "Teacher of Fine Arts". Since 2010, she has worked as a book illustrator. The rich aesthetic of Art Nouveau is reflected in her works in the Slavic style. Watercolor is her favorite art technique.  

Includes 78 Borderless cards (70mm x 127 mm) and 84-page guidebook. 

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