The Fountain Tarot Journal

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Jason Gruhl
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Jonathan Saiz;
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The Fountain Tarot Jounal is a daily tool for introspection, empowerment, and connection. Designed to be used with any tarot deck, it contains entries and prompts for every week of the year. By diving deeply into questions, reflections, and patterns, readers can begin to uncover the hidden workings of their thoughts, desires, and emotions.

Like The Fountain deck, this journal comes in a luxurious package full of beautiful art and 52 undated journal entries for readings throughout the year.

By transforming your Tarot reading into a weekly practice with quick draws or expansive readings, key patterns in your life may reveal themselves empowering you with a greater sense of clarity and self-understanding, and creating space for reflection, connection, and peace of mind.   

This journal includes:   

  • Prompts for each week of the year      
  • Guides to 3-, 5-, and 10-card spreads     
  • Space to reflect on your readings and record insights      
  • Quarterly check-ins      
  • Card of the Year Exercise 

Whether you are just waking up, preparing for yoga, sitting at your office, or relaxing on vacation, this journal helps focus your attention, opens you to new possibilities, and brings clarity to your decisions and daydreams.

160 pp; 14 x 1.1 x 21 cm