The Illuminated Tarot

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Caitlin Keegan
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Fascination with tarot decks never goes out of style.

This deluxe set, featuring the colorful and boldly graphic art of Caitlin Keegan, marries the tarot to a new, hip sensibility that fits into the Etsy-shop, boutique-artist world of artists like Rifle Paper. The author “folded” the Majors and Minors together so that some cards do double-duty as either a Minor or Major or both, depending on how the reader wishes to interpret them or where the cards fall in a layout. In other words, you can give the Major/Minor cards as much weight in a reading as you like. But all the Minors (Clubs=Wands, Spades=Swords, Diamonds=Pentacles, Hearts=Cups) and all the 22 Majors are represented and accounted for, along with the very appropriate addition of a Joker card for the Fool.

This deluxe box comes wrapped in colored paper with its cover art tipped in for a rustic, handmade feel. Every suit of cards in the deck features its own color scheme and a unique and evocative art for each card. Included in the package is a hand-drawn booklet that provides the meanings and usage behind each card in the deck.

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