The Psalm Cards

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Rabbi Robert dos Santos Teixeirra
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Journey through the world of the PSALMS, a source of spiritual inspiration, via 150 power verses.

Embedded in the ancient Psalm verses are rich images that form a symbolic language.

Whether you are searching for answers, insights, or spiritual teachings, pull a card from the deck and allow the image to offer its compelling, succinct message. Then turn to the companion guide for a fuller explanation.

This deck and guide incorporate insights from a variety of sources, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism (Tanakh, Talmud, Zohar), Jungian psychology, and Twelve-Step recovery, and offers useful spiritual tools, such as affirmations, breathing exercises, mantras, prayers, and visualisations.

Written and illustrated by a Rabbi who is also an intuitive and a psychotherapist, these messages will resonate with you on your pathway through life. Use this deck and guide as a tool for prayer and meditation or as an oracle.

150 cards with guide book - b/w illustrations 

Boxed Set measures - 15.2 x 4.4 x 22.9 cm