The Sacred World Oracle

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Kris Waldherr
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2014 COVR winner: Best Product of the Year and Best Divination Deck of the Year! 

With stunning artwork by acclaimed artist Kris Waldherr, the award-winning Sacred World Oracle celebrates the beauty of the earth and the diversity of its creatures. Comprised of 44 oracle cards organized by earth, air, fire, and water, with each color-coded element associated with ten different animals.

Includes a 48-page easy to use instruction booklet. Adapted from Waldherr's critically praised book Sacred Animals

Animals featured in deck: cat, dog, rabbit, ram, bear, lion, fox, bull, snake, elephant, whale, salmon, turtle, swan, dolphin, crab, crocodile, frog, seal, carp, owl, spider, dove, dragonfly, bat, peacock, butterfly, raven, bee, bluebird, firebird, horse, dragon, chimera, firefly, scorpion, falcon, salamander, centaur, and phoenix.

44 Oracle cards and detailed instruction booklet.

Boxed set measures - 10.16 x 1.91 x 12.7 cm