Transformation Oracle


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Sonya Shannon
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Immerse yourself in Divine healing energy as you discover ways to transform into your best self through 44 lavish and richly illustrated cards.

This oracle harnesses the ancient mystical powers of the four elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Waterand is designed specifically to help navigate daily life with detailed insights that will illuminate the turning points in your personal and spiritual growth.

The visions and messages in the accompanying guidebook will inspire you to manifest your Highest Self, fulfill your Divine Destiny, and spread positivity, hope, and healing to everyone you touch. As you move through eight phases of transformation with quick insight to the situations in your life, identify the stages as beginning, ending, stasis, quietude, growth, nourishment, decline, and refinement.

Ten spreads and thirty-two tools will help your exploration of self. It's time to transform into the person you've always wanted and needed to be.

Appropriate for all levels of readers.

44 lavish and richly illustrated cards & accompanying guidebook.

Boxed Set measures - 13.3 x 3.8 x 15.2 cm