An Ukiyo-e Lenormand


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Robert M. Place
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An Ukiyo-e Lenormand is a deluxe thirty-six card oracle deck with gold edged cards and a cloth covered box. 

The name Ukiyo-e, meaning “floating world,” refers to the style of Japanese woodcuts and paintings made famous in the 19thcentury. The deck references Japanese art and culture, including Shinto deities (called kami), Buddhist bodhisattvas, and other mythic figures. At times, these references may modify the meaning of the card. It is surprising, however, how often these items, taken from Japanese culture, harmonize with the European symbols.

The deluxe cards are four inches by three inches with gold edges and come in a cloth covered box. The box is based on an antique deck in Robert's collection. It is a design that he has not seen being used for 100 years. It has two parts, an open-topped box that holds the cards and the little book, and a slipcase that goes over the box, making it double thick. The box is covered with cloth, with a label on the front and the back. The book not only contains the divinatory meanings for each card but discuss the significance of each symbol in Japanese culture.

36 gold edged cards & guidebook in hard cloth covered box.

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