Gaia: Body and Soul (Book)

Blue Angel Publishing

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Toni Carmine Salerno
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In Honour of Mother Nature and the Feminine Spirit

In this beautifully presented, full-colour book in a deluxe padded hardcover, best-selling artistand author Toni Carmine Salerno offers reflections and meditations in honour of Mother Natureand the feminine spirit.

Featuring illuminating illustrations and depictions of nature and the Goddess, ‘Gaia: Body and Soul’is a book you will treasure and refer back to time and again.

This new expanded edition of ‘Gaia: Body and Soul’ is presented in a larger size, including 12 extra pages with new paintings and writings and deluxe gold edging.

Published: 2021

This book has: 112 full-colour pages, gold gilt edging, & a hard padded cover.