No Goodbyes: Insights From the Heaven World

Allen and Unwin

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Barry Eaton
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Barry Eaton is back with more fascinating insights into the afterlife.

In No Goodbyes, Barry delves deeper into the mysteries of the spirit world and life between lives, and how they can influence our current life on earth.

He reveals information about:

  • Destiny and free will
  • World unrest
  • The effects of negativity and addictions
  • Dealing with sceptics
  • Soul energy guidance
  • Consulting mediums and psychics
  • Soul growth
  • and other facets of the bigger picture.

Afterlife, Barry's first, bestselling book, introduced Judy, his late partner, who from the world of spirit originally inspired and encouraged him to write. Judy's soul has since advanced to higher levels and now offers fascinating new details about life on both sides of the veil. In No Goodbyes, Barry discloses more of his own afterlife journey, including intriguing glimpses into a long-forgotten past.

Published - Oxford University Press; 1972

1 x Paperback book; 286pp.

Book measures approximatley - 23.3 x 15.5 x 2.8 cm