Viking Women: Life and Lore

Thames and Hudson

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Lisa Hannett
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Let's travel in time together, a thousand or so years back, and meet Viking women in their hearth-lit world.

  • How did these medieval viragoes live, love and die?
  • How can we encounter them as flesh-and-blood beings with fears and feelings - not just as names in sagas or runes carved into stone?

In this groundbreaking work, Lisa Hannett lifts the veil on the untold stories of wives and mothers, girls and slaves, widows and witches who sailed, settled, suffered, survived - and thrived - in a society that largely catered to and memorialised men. Hannett presents the everyday experiences of a compelling cast of women, all of whom are resourceful and petty, hopeful and jealous, and as fabulous and flawed as we are today.

Lisa Hannett is an award-winning Canadian-Australian writer and academic.

Published - February 2023

1 x Paperback book

Book measures approximately - 23.5 x 15.4 x 2.5 cm