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Rachelle Charman
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Venessa Hoffman
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The Crystal Meditation CD has four tracks that will take you on a journey into the Crystal Kingdom!

Meditation is a powerful way to connect, open and receive the healing medicine and energy of the Crystal Kingdom. The divine intention of this CD is to bring about deep healing on all levels as you embark on an empowering journey to deepen your connection to yourself, your crystals and the love and wisdom they have to share.

The first three tracks journey you through the process of how to cleanse, connect and programme your crystals and the final track gifts you a 40 minute meditation.

In order to get the most from your meditation, you are encouraged to find a quiet place where you wont be interrupted and get into a comfortable position before starting. To further enhance your experience in the meditation it is suggested that you work with the actual crystal.We hope you enjoy your sacred healing journey in the crystal kingdom.

Together we will awaken to the magic and healing energy of the crystal realm with this highly transformative meditation CD

1 x cd - 40 minute meditation