Creating Angel Miracles Meditation CD


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Elisabeth Jensen
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The meditations on this CD were channeled to Elisabeth by the Angels and much energy is within this powerful CD. Previous tapes of similar meditations were reported by Elisabeth to be responsible for many healing miracles.

These meditations are infused with Angel Energy to ensure they are a powerful source of healing for you.

Contained on this CD:

Meditation One:Connect with your Angels and Archangel Michael
Meditation Two: Creating Miracles with Hamied, Angel of Miracles
Meditation Three: Healing With the Angels

The meditations on this CD were recorded in one sitting and have minimal editing to enhance your listening and energy experience.

A Message From Hamied:

"As an Angel of Miracles I love to be with all who listen to these recordings. Trust that I will be there for you now in your darkest despair and that I can create a miracle healing for you, or the situation you are seeking assistance with at ANY time. Your life will change as you work with me.

The Angels and I love you now and care for you constantly and want you to live a life of joy.

My energy is within you now and know many miracles are yours for the asking."

1 x CD