The Power of Meditation

Acturus Publishing

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Tara Ward
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Discover the life-altering power of meditation in this essential guide, packed with stimulating and mind-expanding exercises. Wherever you are right now in life, the contents of this book and its exercises can benefit you. They will take you on a very personal, inward journey that progresses gradually and gently.

You are going to learn how to allow new knowledge to come to you and help shape your daily existence in a positive way. By completing the guided meditations, you should be able to accept and enjoy every single moment of the life you have, to acknowledge and appreciate everything that is working well for you and to turn negative, frustrating scenarios into positive, encouraging ones. Your path in life is yours alone, and The Power of Meditation will help you to tread it with confidence and joy.

Published - October 2021

1 x Paperback book; 304pp.

Book measures approximately - 23 x 15 x 2 cm