9 Secrets Of Successful Meditation


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Samprasad Vinod
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Pre-Loved Book; great condition; cover has small crease in corner from turning; all pages undamaged/in good condition & accounted for.

Only those who enjoy Meditation do it regularly and get the best results. Dr Vinod show his readers how to enjoy meditation and to integrate the practice into everyday living and thus to trigger spiritual growth and harmony.

Dr Vinod brings a fresh approach to Meditation. The style is practical - and with a combination of great skill and deceptive simplicity, the author blends Indian Spiritual Wisdom with the modern scientific knowledge through different activities related to Yoga.

This book is an important contribution to the field of Meditation that removes many distortions and misconceptions about its practice; it helps the reader understand any problems related to Meditation and offers practical solutions. A wonderful blend of spiritual and practical wisdom.

184 pp

Published 2002