Alice in Tarotland Tarot

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Loreen Muzik
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A tarot deck for the Alice in Wonderland enthusiast or the deeply whimsical and curious soul!

A deck of 78 tarot cards created in the Rider Waite Smith style and tradition. Author - Loreen Muzik was inspired by Pixie's staging and simplicity of messaging, simply added in the whimsy of the Wonderland and Looking Glass characters into the scenes.

Inspired by the depths of the storyline and following the rabbit down the hole of the subconscious mind, you'll find Alice as the Fool on the journey and the completed soul being of the World. A perfect deck for exploring your shadow side in a light, compassionate and innocent light.

All of the Pip cards are scenic and mirror the action and landscape of the Rider Waite Smith 1909 tarot deck. The 4 traditional suits are represented: Coins, Cups, Wands and Swords. The Majors follow the tradition as well with a few exceptions.

This is a deck for a beginner reader as well as intermediate or advanced. All recognizable with clear symbolism and yet enough of a twist for the imagination to take hold and give you new and intriguing messages that you won't find in the traditional tarot.

Published - 2021

This set includes:

  • 78 full-color tarot cards.
  • Printed on casino quality, black core for vibrancy, 310 gsm linen card stock; matte finish, shuffles beautifully, and very durable. Thin but very resilient cards with a nice snap back into place.
  • Cards size 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm×120mm) on 350gsm card stock with gold gilded edges and matte finish.
  • Custom designed tuck box