Animal Guide Rune Cards

Blue Angel Publishing

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Dawid Lipka & Bartosz Mazik
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Embark on a magical journey as you unlock the wisdom of nature and ancient Norse runes with the Animal Guide Rune Cards. This captivating deck weaves together the potent symbolism of foxdeers and owls, bats and badgers, merging the power of the animal kingdom with the esoteric mysteries of runic lore.

Discover the profound and practical insights offered by each of the 25 strikingly illustrated cards and accompanying messages, illuminating every aspect of your life, from relationships to health to career choices. The comprehensive guidebook also includes instructions for creating spellbinding runic talismans and reveals the connections between the runes and tarot, astrology and the chakras. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the runes and delve into the mythic and cultural philosophy they embody.

Divine your destiny by journeying into the enchanting realm of the Elder Futhark, allowing your animal guides to lead you every step of the way.

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Published - June 2024

Includes - 25 cards and 288-page full-colour guidebook. Packaged in a hardcover box;

Sealed Box measures approximately - 125mm x 170mm x 35 mm