Butterfly Transformations - 2nd Edition

Blue Angel Publishing

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Alana Fairchild
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Affirmations to Energise Miraculous Manifestations

These powerful affirmation cards will connect you with the butterfly wisdom that exists within your heart as a courageous, intuitive instinct guiding you towards fulfilment. This inner intelligence will help you make the decisions that yield the best outcomes, and encourage you to be true to yourself so you can transform into the human being you wish to be.

Though the transition from caterpillar to butterfly is natural and miraculous, it requires courage and confidence. These messages have been crafted to tap into your inner wellspring of natural wisdom, where you will find the inspiration, energy and strength to live bravely, brightly and beautifully.

May you trust your heart and discover your wings.

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Published - September 2024

44 cards packaged & 32-page instruction booklet in a hard-cover box.

Boxed set measures approximately - 12.3 x 9 x 3 cm