Chakra Mindset: Balance Oracle Cards

Exhale Publishing

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Antoniette & Bianca Gomez
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The Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards are a comprehensive tool for working with and balancing the chakras. There are seven major chakras that are connected with different areas of the body, stages of life and a wide range of physical and spiritual functions. The chakras govern elements of our lives that manifest in the functionality and results that we see in our material world.

The Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards provide you with guidance, reflective thought exercises and mantras as a way of balancing your chakras. The deck features fifty-three cards - four major balance cards and seven cards that represent the diverse parts of each of the seven chakras.

Published - August 2018

53 cards 

Boxed deck measures approximately - 16.1 x 11.2 x 3 cm