Golden Tarot of Botticelli

Lo Scarabeo

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Atanas A. Atanassov
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One of Aeclectic Tarot's Top Ten Decks for 2007

The great work of this Florentine master enlivens this deck with Renaissance flair and grace. Let Botticelli's timeless art—reproduced here with gold highlights—take you to new dimensions of nature, beauty, and spirituality.

A great Master reinterprets a painting full of mysterious meanings. The symbols present in Botticelli's works express, in a veiled way, a harmonic vision of nature, which combines the ideals of beauty with the esoteric and religious dimension.

These cards reveal, to an attentive observer, truths that are all the deeper the more one delves into the analysis of the details that make up each image.

78 cards, 66x120mm; Instructions. Multilingual edition.
The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.